I’ve been due for a 5k PR for quite a long time. I rarely race the distance anymore, and when I do, my body is so used to racing long distance that I can’t ever properly pace myself. So when Amy suggested we race the Elvis is Alive 5k together, I agreed on one condition: she had to help me snag that PR.

We decided the PR would be even sweeter in sparkly skirts, so we dressed properly for the occasion. The weather was chilly for August, which means amazing for a race, and we were pumped.


Very serious runners. It’s obvious.

I was itching for an awesome time (I still think I have a sub-30 in me, but that race will be another day), and I may have gotten a little over-excited. I went out crazy fast, and Amy kept up, nicely suggesting that I might want to slow down just a little. I ignored her advice and told her that I felt great! Famous last words.

I did feel great, all the way up to the water stop at around mile 1.6. We walked through the water stop and I was happy for the small break. At mile 2.1, I already felt ready for another. Amy convinced me to wait until 2.25 to see if I still needed one, and I felt like I did. So we took another teeny walk break.

When we started running again, I could do a fast clip, but nothing near the pace I was throwing down in the first mile. Oops. I held on tight and tried to stick with Amy. With about half a mile to go, she broke some news: “Lauren, I hate to tell you this, but we need to pick up the  pace a little if you want that PR.”

I immediately cursed my over-enthusiastic start and subsequent walk break, but I did as I was told. I even felt a little pukey when I crossed the finish line – a sure sign a pushed myself. And it was worth it.

PR! By nearly a minute! (New PR: 31: 22. Old one? 32:14.)

PR! By nearly a minute! (New PR: 31: 22. Old one? 32:14.)

Once I sat down and had some Gatorade, I felt up to enjoying the post-race festivities with Amy: smoothies and frozen yogurt in a fancy Walgreens RV, food trucks, peanut butter & banana sandwiches, and watermelon. So many awesome goodies — all with an Elvis impersonator in the background!

Post-race festivities: perfect for a beautiful August evening.

Post-race festivities: perfect for a beautiful August evening.

Because Chicago weather is drunk right now, we actually got a little chilly when the sun started to go down! Amy was lucky enough to have a jacket and sweatpants for the train. I may have shoved my sweaty arms into her arm warmers. 64 degrees, a breeze off the lake, and of course, sweat, can make you pretty chilly. Lesson learned.

We made our way back towards our respective train stations, and decided to stop for a little treat (and Starbucks bathroom break.)

Because PRs deserve cake pops.

Because PRs deserve cake pops.

All in all, a perfect night with a fantastic running friend. I can’t wait until Amy pushes me to that sub-30 5k… if anyone can do it, she can!

How do you celebrate successes? (Be it PRs, surviving a tough day at work, or just getting out of bed in the morning. Hey, some days success is measured differently than others.)



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3 Responses to Because a PR Deserves a Cake Pop… and a Post.

  1. You did AMAZING and totally earned that PR! Way to go–thanks for letting me share it with you! Can’t wait for your sub-30 :) I’ll keep my eyes open for a good race opportunity!
    Amy @ Juice Boxes + Crayolas recently posted..Running Buddies + a Race Recap: Elvis is Alive 5KMy Profile

  2. Nice job. I’m sure I would totally do the same thing at the start of a 5K!
    Chrons in Japan recently posted..Taper to half-marathon…My Profile

  3. JennyB says:

    Yeah Lauren! Good job! I’ve done a couple of 5ks but my PR is more in the 40m range. Doing team challenge with Portland OR this season!

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