Technically, I spent this weekend at work. I’m just lucky enough to have a job I love, so I also spent my weekend with people I love doing things I love.

Saturday morning started with a 3-mile run with Team Challenge Illinois. I was thrilled that so many participants came out to run! It was a rather chilly day in Chicago, especially compared to what we’ve been having lately, but they still came. We even had a few new faces! Our little team keeps growing. Each new registration gives me warm fuzzies, just like I got when I was training for Las Vegas and fundraising. I adore each one of my participants and am so happy to have all of them on the team!

Best team ever.

While the participants are getting ready to race, I am working hard to get ready for my race day festivities too. Those invlove cheering my head off as the official Team Challenge Illinois cheering section. My training invloves rocking out to our training playlist and screaming my head off when everyone gets back. I’m totally on it.

I also shared my ulcerative colitis story with the team this weekend. Each week, we start training with a mission moment. It can be a story from someone on the team who lives with IBD, one of our honorees, or someone can relay the story of the person they run or walk to honor. I love this part, because it connects us back to the mission, allows participants who are patients to share their stories, and gives those without a personal connection a little bit more of an understanding of IBD. Everyone else seems to enjoy it, too!

Anyway, Saturday afternoon was spent making some rockin’ signs to post at our water stop on Sunday. Our signs included: On a scale of 1 – 10, you’re a 13.1!; Forward is a Pace; Running takes guts; Run, future teammate, run! and, of course, my favorite, which highlighted our friend Justin.

Several runners stopped to take pictures with our friend on the course!

We had a blast at the Chi-town Half Marathon, and could only laugh at the replacement cups the race supplied when our water stop started to run out.

Can you spot all the different types of cups in this photo? Hey, it's better than running out!



Meet our newest Napa team member, Justin Bieber!

So how did you spend your weekend? Work? Fun? Both at the same time? Justin Bieber? Tell me your stories, yo.

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5 Responses to My Weekend in Photos (or This Is Why I Love My Job)

  1. Maggie says:

    I ran the Chi Town Half yesterday … I loved your water stop!!!! So fun.
    Maggie recently posted..Race Report/Review: Chi Town Half MarathonMy Profile

  2. Kim says:

    I ran 3 miles with you guys, and then drove back here where it was 86 upon arrival. I had to stop halfway and strip off all the winter running clothes! It’s supposed to get to 90 today. I need out of here!

    Sunday I baked a cake. And it is delicious. I will make it for you sometime.

  3. Kace says:

    I also ran a 5k but then saw hunger games………….. beyond words.
    Kace recently posted..BSR Training Log Week 5 AND Phillies 5K RecapMy Profile

  4. Gah! I remember your stop, too!!! I loved the Biebs sign. I giggled to myself…
    Amy B @ Second City Randomness recently posted..Chi Town Half Marathon: Ups and DownsMy Profile

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